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Upcoming Event:
Kikaida in Hawaii 40th Anniversary at Shirokiya Oct. 5, 2014

News & Events:
Kikaider Reboot (The Movie), North American Premiere, October 2014

News & Events:
Ban Daisuke to attend Big Wow ComicFest, San Jose, May 2014

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Latest Events
:: Kikaida in Hawaii 40th Anniversary at Shirokiya Oct. 5, 2014 -
:: Kikaider Reboot (The Movie), North American Premiere, October 2014 -
:: Ban Daisuke to attend Big Wow ComicFest, San Jose, May 2014 -
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Our exclusive retail partners will be selling the Kikaider Reboot DVD starting December 12, 2014. Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center (Honolulu) and Anime Jungle (Los Angeles) will be carrying this DVD and other Generation Kikaida merchandise. 

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Japanese language with English subtitles

DVD Region 1

Not rated



110 minutes

Upcoming Event
Kikaida in Hawaii 40th Anniversary at Shirokiya Oct. 5, 2014

WHAT: Kikaida and Friends at Shirokiya
WHEN: Sunday, October 5, 2014, 2:00-3:30pm
WHERE: Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center (Honolulu)

To kick-off the Kikaida in Hawaii 40th Anniversary celebration, Kikaida & Friends and Ban Daisuke (the original Jiro) will be at Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center for an afternoon of non-stop fun. This family-friendly bonanza features free picture taking with Kikaida & Friends, free autographs by Ban-san, free balloons, games, Kikaida-Oke, DVD giveaway, and “Kikaider Reboot” ticket giveaway. And Kutmaster Spaz will perform his original rap, “Kikaida-That’s My Superhero!”

News & Events
Kikaider Reboot (The Movie), North American Premiere, October 2014

JN Productions, Inc. and Generation Kikaida are proud to present the North American premiere of the full-length feature film, Kikaider Reboot in celebration of the Kikaida in Hawaii 40th Anniversary.

WHAT: Kikaider Reboot (subtitled in English; 110 minutes; not rated; for mature audiences; contains modern sci-fi action)
WHEN : October 10-16, 2014
WHERE: Consolidated Theatres Ward Stadium TITAN XC (Honolulu, HI)

Four decades after its television debut, Japanese producers have painstakingly created a new Kikaider film for the 21st century. A super android with a kind soul is how Kikaider is depicted and ably played by rising star Irie Jingi, the new Jiro. Veteran actor Ban Daisuke, the original TV Jiro, returns as Maeno Kyujiro, Dr. Komyoji’s colleague. Arch- rival Hakaider reemerges to do battle with Kikaider, and fan-favorite characters Prof. Gil, Mitsuko, Masaru, and Hanpei are also featured.

Kikaider Reboot “switches on” a new red-and-blue superhero by synergizing classic TV Kikaida characters and themes with today’s sci-fi action and visual effects. Completing this incredible motion picture experience is a dynamic musical score recorded in Boston, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Produced by Kadokawa Pictures and Toei Company, LTD the film was released in Japan in May 2014, and Hawaii audiences will have the first chance to see the movie outside of Japan.

In order to handle the crises of a modern world, the Japanese government creates the ARK Project which utilizes sophisticated robots to solve problems that mortals simply can’t. The project’s lead scientist, Dr. Komyoji, creates a prototype android to peacefully assist humans. However, rival scientist Gilbert Kanzaki has other, darker plans. Mitsuko and Masaru, Komyoji’s children, become targets after his unexpected death, prompting a super android with a humanistic soul to come to their aid. Kanzaki then creates his ultimate vision, a powerful cyborg destined to rule a world of ruin and chaos!

The original TV series Jinzo Ningen Kikaida created by Ishinomori Shotaro aired in 1972 on NET-TV (now TV Asahi). Although the series competed against top-rated Giants baseball and a TBS variety show, Kikaida held its own in ratings, and still lives in the hearts of children of the 70’s. The eye-catching primary colors, spirited music, and unforgettable cast were endearing to the children of Hawaii in 1974, and garnered a 25% share of Nielsen ratings on Saturday night at 7:00 pm! Children were glued to their TV sets at the time, and created a loyal fan base that remains incredibly strong today.

Over the years, Kikaida has become a widely accepted romanization of キカイダー
and is used by JN Productions, Inc. to refer to the classic red-and-blue Japanese TV superhero of the 1970s. Kadokawa Pictures and Toei are using Kikaider, another commonly used spelling, for this Reboot movie.

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News & Events
Ban Daisuke to attend Big Wow ComicFest, San Jose, May 2014

Ban Daisuke will be attending the Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose, May 17 and 18, 2014. Ban will be featured with other tokusatsu greats from Japan; Kenpachiro Satsuma suit actor in the Godzilla series, and Satoshi Furuya the original suit actor for Ultraman.

Ban Daisuke is known in Hawaii and the U.S. for his memorable role as Jiro, in “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida,” shown in Japan in 1972, and 1974 in Hawaii. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Kikaida’s TV broadcast in Hawaii. The broadcast on the original KIKU TV garnered a 25% share of the audience during prime time on Saturdays, according to Nielsen. Other tokusatsu roles, all Toei productions followed, and included “Kikaida 01,” “Inazuman,” “Ninja Captor,” and “Battle Fever J.”

In addition to his Hawaii appearances, Ban has participated in Comic Con in San Diego, Wonder Con in San Francisco, and Nisei Week in Los Angeles. His latest movie role will be guesting in the brand new “Kikaida Reboot” movie, a joint production of Toei and Kadokawa Films, is scheduled for release this May.

Generation Kikaida’s friend and contributor, August Ragone will also attend, and conduct a panel discussion with the tokusatsu actors from Japan. Ragone is known as the Bay Area Kaiju expert, widely known for his publication, “Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters.”

Ban looks forward to meeting new fans and attendees of Big Wow ComicFest in May!

Big Wow Comic Fest

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