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Fully Subtitled in English by JN Productions, Inc.
Episode Length: 30 Minutes
25 Episodes

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Inazuman - Episode Guide

Episode 01
Horror of the Neo-Human Race: The Challenge of Bamba!!

Watari Goro, a college student, saves Satoko and Katsumi from the Neo-Human Empire's Fantom Army. The youngsters bring him to the base of the Youth League, a group of pure-hearted young mutants with psionic powers. Their leader, Capt. Sarra, awakens Goro to his own super powers that allow him to turn first into Sanagiman, then into Inazuman. After he defeats Neo-Human Quintuple Bambara, Goro is accepted into the Youth League, and he is presented with the amazing vehicle, Raijingo.

Episode 02
Youth League, Beware! The Cursed Water!!

Goro finds Youth League member Midori washed up on the shore and takes her to the hospital. Water Bambara snatches Midori from the hospital and threatens to kill her parents if she doesn't do as she is told. The aim of the Neo-Humans is to learn the secrets of the Youth League…

Episode 03
Fantom Hell Beckons the Black Death!

Bubo Bambara kidnaps Dr. Fujinami and forces him to do research on Bambacteria, his energy source. He plans to exterminate the entire human race. The doctor escapes, taking the bacteria with him, but Bubo Bambara outwits him. Sanagiman has his hands full fighting a Bubo Bambara who is now a million times stronger…

Episode 04
The Japanese Archipelago Explodes!!

The great geologist Dr. Tomishima discovers that Japan's volcanoes are interconnected, and he pinpoints the core. Creating a blast there would cause all of Japan's volcanoes to explode at once. Bone Bambara steals Dr. Tomishima's map of the core of the volcanoes, and sets off an explosion there, but nothing happens. The doctor had prepared a fake map…

Episode 05
Epic Dogfight! Raijingo Bites!!

Gale Bambara sends a dump truck flying with a blast of wind. Shinichi, the driver, is saved by Raijingo, but his truck is badly damaged and Shinichi can't afford to have it repaired. A man, who is actually Gale Bambara, tells him that the accident was caused by Raijingo. Shinichi tries to damage Raijingo by ramming it with his truck…

Episode 06
Bizarre Snow Bambara's Neo-Human Surgery!!

Yukie is a beautiful fortune teller with a cold heart who places a curse of death upon those who don't believe her predictions. Emperor Bamba adds her heart to the flesh of evil mutants to create Snow Bambara. Using Yukie's beauty to approach people, she freezes them using snow and ice…

Episode 07
Weird! A Flying Eye!?

Hundred-Eye Bambara has been killing teachers throughout the country and kidnapping children with psionic powers. He sets his sight on gifted Naoki. He plants an "evil eye" on Naoki's neck that will teach him to hate and curse other humans. He then captures Katsumi and takes them both to Hundred Eyeland on Mammoth Eye…

Episode 08
Terrifying Sandstorm! Major Airport Engulfed!!

The runways at Haneda Airport have suddenly turned into sand, and landing planes are swallowed by quicksand. Raita, who has witnessed Sand Bambara in action, is swallowed up too, but Inazuman saves him by psychokinesis. Raita thinks he was saved by his own psionic powers. Sand Bambara believes that too, so he snatches the boy…

Episode 09
The Glowing Mold Stalks the Night!!

Eri, a girl with psionic powers, is carried away by Mold Bambara, one night. He is gathering kids with special powers in order to form a Fantom Youth Corps. Goro saves her and brings her to the Youth League base, but she is under the control of Mold Bambara. She plants a bomb at the base then disappears…

Episode 10
Terror of the Carnivorous Gas!!

Toxic gas is generated at Mt. Onisumi and Dr. Katsuki and his investigators are attacked by Gas Bambara. Dr. Katsuki is safe because he took an antidote beforehand. Gas Bambara finds out that the formula for the antidote is hidden inside Dr. Katsuki's son Shingo's pendant. Gas Bambara goes after Shingo…

Episode 11
Rose Bambara is Inazuman's Mother

Rose Bambara attacks Dr. Ishikawa, who has been researching ways to end the food crisis. Inazuman fights off this creature, but soon runs out of energy. When he comes to, he notices a woman standing there. Her name is Watari Shinobu and she is Goro's mother, who supposedly died 15 years before. In reality, she is Rose Bambara's human form…

Episode 12
Mother's Enemy: Bamba vs. Inazuman

Goro discovers the entrance to the Neo-Human Empire that's deep underground, but he is unable to transform when Devil Bambara injures both his arms. When he manages to get in, he finds people who have been brought forcibly from the surface. So intent on avenging his mother, Goro is blind to their plight and he falls into Devil Bambara's trap…

Episode 13
Inazuman Wounded

When a huge explosion occurs at a petroleum complex, a young girl falls under suspicion. Satoko and the others believe she is innocent and hide her. The girl has lost her memory and can't even tell them her name, but Goro is suspicious. She is being manipulated by Oil Bambara. When Inazuman is injured later, he is cared for by the girl…

Episode 14
The Fury of Raijingo: Great Dogfight!!

A UFO is spotted in the mountains. Goro and the kids investigate and save Arisa, who is attacked by Fog Bambara. Arisa disappears after stealing Katsumi's photo of the flying object. Eventually, Arisa comes to trust Goro and tells him Fog Bambara's plans. The UFO is the Neo-Human Empire's bomber and they plan to attack Tokyo…

Episode 15
A Mother's Shadow Devoured

Takashi is able to see the future. One night, just as he had foreseen, Takashi is attacked by Shadow Bambara, but is saved by Goro. In order to capture Takashi, to make him a member of the Neo-Human Empire, Shadow Bambara devours his mother's shadow. With Takashi's mother now on the brink of death, Inazuman fights Shadow Bambara…

Episode 16
Race to Fulfill a Promise!

Goro investigates reports that Neo-Humans have been gathering construction workers. Suddenly, a building explodes; it is a secret Neo-Human plant where those workers are being forced to work. Mamiya, the only survivor, is too badly injured to return to his family. Goro goes to find his family, but is badly injured by Thorn Bambara…

Episode 17
Puzzling Confrontation! Two Watari Goros!!

Photo Bambara turns himself into an exact duplicate of Goro, robs a money transport car carrying cash, and shoots two guards. The object is to make Goro look like a vicious criminal, an outlaw with nowhere to turn except to the Neo-Humans. When Goro is arrested, Photo Bambara attacks the police car carrying him, to set Goro free…

Episode 18
A Lightning Strike for Friendship!!

Joji has the power to foresee the future. Poison Bambara captures Joji, who has predicted the Neo-Humans' terrible plot. Joji uses his telepathic powers to summon Inazuman, who advises him never to use telepathy again, for it would drain his energy. But when Inazuman is blinded by Poison Bambara's toxic gas, Joji must make a decision...

Episode 19
The Mysterious Deadly Boxer: Mirror X?

Goro's childhood friend, former pro boxer Ryu, wants his younger brother Masaru to become a world champion. He needs money to build a gym where his brother can train. He enters a match against Mirror X for a five-million-yen purse and is gravely injured. Now Masaru must fight in order to earn enough money for his brother's surgery…

Episode 20
Chase the Star Saucer! Raijingo!!

Goro is being bombarded by a strange star saucer manipulated by a young girl with a crystal ball. Yuko's little brother Taro has been taken hostage by the Neo-Humans. Goro goes to save her brother and he comes face-to-face with Star Bambara. Taro is reunited with his sister, but Goro discovers that the boy has been rigged with a bomb…

Episode 21
Watari Goro: Inazuman Dies!?

One day, the people of Onino Village disappear. When Goro goes to investigate, Bamboo Bambara shoots him with a poisoned arrow. He is "saved" by people who are really Neo-Humans and is in a state of suspended animation after being drugged. When Satoko and the others arrive, they see him being buried, but Satoko doesn't believe he is dead…

Episode 22
The Walking Clay Doll: Terror of the Cracking Earth!!

One morning, newspaper delivery boy Kazuo finds a clay doll. As soon as he touches the doll, his hand goes numb and he collapses with a high fever. The clay doll is actually Clay Bambara, whose body is covered with horrible bacteria. Goro takes Kazuo to a hospital, but the only person who can cure him, Dr. Nonaka, has gone missing…

Episode 23
The Cursed Paint That Melts Humans

Paint suddenly melting off artwork begins to kill people around it. Paint Bambara is after Masaru, who has the power to foresee the future. Paint Bambara sneaks into the hospital in order to take Masaru's mother hostage. Goro turns himself into Sanagiman in order to protect Masaru, but he is caught in a swamp of paint…

Episode 24
The Mysterious Robot Warrior?

A whole platoon of Fantom soldiers transporting a missile is wiped out. Goro is confused when he discovers there is a robot warrior that is out to get the Fantom Army. Meanwhile, Stone Bambara has been capturing men in order to complete a missile base. Inazuman manages to defeat Stone Bambara, but a missile is sent soaring toward Tokyo…

Episode 25
Majestic! The Last of Emperor Bamba!!

The robot warrior begins conquering the Fantom Army. Emperor Bamba attempts to join forces with Goro, but that plan falls through. He then seals Goro in a room where his super powers will be sucked out. Inazuman creates a device that will increase his super powers, and he uses it to escape. Bamba turns himself into Fiery Fighter, but he is no match for Inazuman.

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