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Kikaida DVD Volume 2

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(Episodes 6-10) Watch Kikaida take on the evil Professor Gill and the next wave of DARK Destructoid monsters --Black Horse, Bull Kong, Carmine Spider, Red Condor, and Scorpion Brown.

And find out how much you really know about Kikaida!
Volume 2 includes a Double Chop duo of brand new special features:

  • Kikaida Trivia Game - Take the Kikaida Trivia Challenge and see how much you really know about your favorite super-powered android!
  • Behind-the-Scenes Kikaida Factoids, Episodes 1-through-10 - Discover little-known behind-the-scenes Kikaida tidbits and trivia!

Holdover Special Features include:

  • Cast and Crew profiles
  • DARK Destructoid Monster profiles with sound
  • KIKU-TV on-air promo
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound
  • English and Japanese menus
  • Japanese program with English subtitles

10 episodes deep now and plenty more to go, I just can’t get enough. The series as a whole has an addicting quality to it that’ll keep people coming back.

     - Joseph Luster -

Ishinomori Shoutaro’s Kikaida character design is probably one of the most intriguing in Tokusatsu History. With its psychedelic, two-tone (Red/Blue) color scheme and his mechanical “see-through” head, Kikaida was a truly “cool” looking hero.

 - Jmaruyama -

Kikaida DVD is Region Code "1"


Generation Kikaida / JN Productions, Inc. (Hawaii) 
"Kikaida Volume 2"
Starring Ban DaisukeMizunoe Jun, Kamiya Masahiro, Ueda Shun, Izu Hajime, Ando Mitsuo
Based on the Original Story by Ishinomori Shotaro
Music by Watanabe Chumei
All Rights Reserved
©1973 Ishimori Production Inc. and TOEI COMPANY, LTD.

Region Code "1" NTSC
4:3 Japanese Language
English subtitles
Feature running time: 2 hours 5 minutes

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