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All 46 electrifying episodes of this supercharged sequel to the extremely popular KIKAIDA series, are packaged together in this mind-blowing six-disc box set – digitally remastered, completely uncut, and fully subtitled in English – for the first time anywhere on Region 1 DVD!

KIKAIDA 01 features the exciting exploits of the android Ichiro (Ikeda Shunsuke), who transforms into Kikaida 01 to stop the evil Hakaida Force from obtaining a secret that will allow them to conquer the world – until the sinister SHADOW organization rises to threaten them all! Aided by his younger brother Jiro-Kikaida (Ban Daisuke), Kikaida 01 hurtles into battle after battle against the murderous robot monsters that threaten mankind.

Produced in 1973 by Toei Studios (SISTER STREET FIGHTER) and the hit-making team of creative producer Hirayama Tohru (JOHNNY SOKKO) and manga author Ishinomori Shotaro (CYBORG 009), KIKAIDA 01 explodes with non-stop stunts by Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club (SHADOW WARRIORS) and an exciting score by Chumei Watanabe (JIGOKU). Don’t miss this limited-edition release of Toei’s superhero classic!

From JN Productions, Inc., producers of the "Kikaida" and "Kamen Rider V3" DVDs. Be sure to add "Kikaida 01" to your collection today!

  • The Complete 46-Episode Series
  • Fully Subtitled in English
    (with Expletives Deleted Subtitle Option)
  • Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound

Loaded with Special Features

  • Exclusive Interview with Ikeda Shunsuke (Ichiro) and Ban Daisuke (Jiro)
  • Kikaida Memories Interview with Joanne Ninomiya
  • Karaoke and Music Videos
  • Behind-the-Scenes Episode Factoids
  • Kikaida 01 Interactive 3D Model
  • How to Draw Kikaida 01
  • Kikaida 01 Trivia Quiz
  • "What is Kikaida 01?" Essay
  • Character Profiles with Sound
  • Cast and Staff List
  • Episode Selection
  • Motion Menus
  • And More!


Generation Kikaida / JN Productions, Inc. (Hawaii) 

The Kikaida 01 DVD Box Set is Region Code "1"

4:3 Japanese Language
English Subtitled
Color/16mm(1.33:1)/1974/Dual-Layer/Not Rated
Feature Running Time: Approx. 18 Hours, 55 Minutes

"(Kikaida 01) is another great series full of colorful villains, big fights, and flashy henshin action."
 - John Sinnott -

"If you like your superheroes colorful and action-packed, neither KIKAIDA nor KIKAIDA 01 will let you down!"
  - Bob Johnson -

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